Destiny 2’s newest update is live, adds Masterwork armor and Raid loot improvements


Bungie’s latest attempt at improving Destiny 2 is now live with a new update that adds Masterwork armor and better Raid loot.

Legendary armor can now drop as a Masterwork, which gives a three percent damage resistance boost while players are using their Super. This can stack across an entire set of Masterwork armor, adding up to 15 percent total.

Masterworks also have a different stat package from the base armor piece, and can be crafted using five Masterwork Cores and 20 Legendary Shards. A Masterwork has a higher drop rate from both Trials of the Nine and Raid activities.

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Speaking of the Raid, this update aims to improve loot from Raid activities. Benedict 99-40 will now have a rotating stock of armor and weapons each week, meaning you can buy what you want without having to get lucky via a drop from Token rank-up packages.

In the Raid itself, encounters will drop at least one piece of armor or a weapon every time. Competing a Prestige version of a Raid encounter prior to doing so on Normal difficulty will drop both Prestige and Normal rewards.

Arguably the biggest improvement, however, is that Raid armor will now drop with unique mods that only function within Raid activities, effectively giving much higher incentive to chase and use them while on the Leviathan. Every Raid encounter now has the chance to drop an Exotic, too.

The patch also includes a bunch of bug fixes and sandbox changes, as well as a reduction to how much XP is required to earn an Illuminated Engram, down to 120,000 from 160,000.