Destiny 2’s Nightfall Strike scoring update is now live


Destiny 2’s 1.1.3 update is now live, and it’s full of a number of additions, including Nightfall Strike scoring.

Now when players run a Nightfall Strike, they will earn points via enemy kills and Orb of Light generation. The highest set scores will display on a Nightfall Strike’s respective emblem, meaning there is a new emblem for each Strike in the game.

Scores earned above a target value will enable a Nightfall Aura and fireteam Vanguard Token bonus. Total team score will be displayed at the end of each strike in the Post Game Carnage Report.

Nightfalls also have Challenge Cards now, which will allow players to select modifiers for the Prestige Nightfall that affect gameplay and score multipliers. Modifiers are elemental and boost outgoing and incoming damage of a certain element.

Whenever a modifier is selected, Extinguish will activate, meaning if a fireteam fully wipes, they will be kicked back to orbit, like in the old days of Destiny 1.

A number of new emblem variants are also included in the update, like Crucible emblems that track lifetime Crucible kills, Destination emblems that track stats on each planet, and the aforementioned Nightfall emblems.

Backend changes and additions include opt-in text chat on PC for social spaces, a two percent buff to damage reduction on Masterwork armor, and a number of bug fixes.

At least one more update is planned for Destiny 2 before the big 1.2 update in May to coincide with the game’s second expansion.