Destiny 2 update gives back access to certain activities to non-owners of DLC

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A new hotfix is now live in Destiny 2 after several hours of server downtime for maintenance today, and it includes a fix to a mistake that Bungie had previously admitted to.

With the patch, players who do not own Curse of Osiris may once again access Iron Banner and pledge to Factions during Faction Rally events. This is a change that has been brought about largely thanks to the community’s outcry about being locked behind a paywall.

Iron Banner and Faction Rallies are examples of consistent events that happen in Destiny 2, about once a month each. Now, players who opt to not purchase the DLC can continue to enjoy them.

Bungie pledged to rectify the paywall situation in an update from Dec. 11, and the time was now, as Iron Banner and Faction Rallies are scheduled to come back some time this month.

As Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague put it, the developer has “a lot to talk about in 2018” with regards to rectifying certain inequities within Destiny 2. It’s been a rocky few months for the game since its initial release, so the pressure is on Bungie to keep its dwindling playerbase appeased.

A second expansion is scheduled for some time in the spring, and if the game follows the same release schedule as its predecessor, another, larger expansion should be expected in the fall.