Destiny 2’s competitive PvP playlist will have radar re-enabled in Forsaken


Bungie has outlined further changes coming to Destiny 2’s┬áCompetitive Crucible playlists in Forsaken next month, including a much-requested returning feature.

The Crucible’s ranking system for the ranked playlist has been a work-in-progress since its inception earlier this year, and Bungie is applying feedback that it has heard over the past few months.

One of the biggest changes coming to season four of Destiny 2 is the re-enabling of radar. This was a controversial change to begin with, as the lack of radar often created more timid and passive gameplay styles. Now, the radar is back, and players will be able to know when and where a player is approaching from.

The overall changes are quite widespread, though. For example, Glory rank points (Competitive ranking) gained and lost “have been re-tuned to reduce the overall climb to higher ranks.” Bungie hopes that earning a high rank in Glory won’t feel like a “second job” anymore.

Other changes to overall Crucible include that losses in the Competitive playlist will no longer reset your Valor win streak, loss streaks have been removed, and Control and Clash have been added to the Competitive playlist.

In one of the more controversial changes, season four’s new powerful weapon will be obtainable via a quest from Lord Shaxx. In season three, the awesome Redrix’s Claymore pulse rifle was only earned through ranking up in Glory. Now, the new Redrix’s Broadsword will be found via the quest, as opposed to struggling through the ups and downs of losing and winning Glory score.

The all-new PvE/PvP hybrid mode Gambit will have its own ranking system, too. It’s called Infamy, and it’s similar to the Quickplay playlist’s Valor ranking. Ranking up Infamy earns you rewards with Gambit’s new vendor, The Drifter.

All of these changes are coming on Sept. 4 when Forsaken launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A large update will precede the DLC on Aug. 28, front-loading a large amount of the game’s new quality of life changes.