Destiny 3 Big Story Leak Suggests Factions And Environments

There’s a new Destiny 3 leak in town, and of course, is coming from 4chan.

We can’t confirm the information included in the leak, but there’s a lot of information about what the game could be like once it releases.

Based on the intel, each planet is larger than those in Destiny 2, which hints at the fact that Bungie is aiming for bigger stuff even though Bungie has split from Activision.

The title is said to be a return to the hardcore formula that has made people fall in love with the series originally, also thanks to this split.

Trials of the Nine are said to be back, with a faction built specifically for them, as the story revolves around the Second Collapse.

The Veil wants apparently to use the Light to resurrect the Formless One, and Cabal and Fallen would be out as enemy races replaced by the Veil.

In the story, the Darkness has completely decimated Earth, and Europe, Old Chicago, Venus and Hollowed Spire (the latter an endgame zone similar to the Dreaming City) would be the game’s base worlds.

You can read a lot more here. Do you think these pieces of information are legit? Let us know in the comments below.