Destroy All Humans! Collector’s Editions Revealed, Available for Pre-Order


It wasn’t too long ago that THQ Nordic announced it was in the process of remaking 2005’s Destroy All Humans! Now, the collector’s editions of the remake have been revealed and are available for pre-order.

There are two different collector’s editions getting made, and both are available for pre-order from the game’s website. The first, and more expensive, of these editions, is the Crypto-137 Edition, named after the Destroy All Humans! main character. This version includes a copy of the game for PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, as well as a 23″ Crypto figurine, a Crypto backpack, a keychain, six lithographs, and an anti-stress toy with popping eyes. All of it comes in a premium box. Those who pre-order this edition also receive all of Crypto’s in-game skins. The Crypto-137 Edition costs $399.99.

Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition

The second and noticeably less expensive edition is the DNA collector’s edition, which costs $149.99. This version comes with the game, keychain, six lithographs, and anti-stress toy in a premium box, as well as all in-game Crypto skins. The key difference is it includes a 9″ Crypto’N’Cow figurine in place of the Crypto-137 Edition’s Crypto figurine and does not include the Crypto-137 Edition’s Crypto backpack.

Destroy All Humans! DNA Collector's Edition

Destroy All Humans! is an upcoming remake of the 2005 PlayStation 2 and Xbox game of the same name. This remake releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2020.