Destroy All Humans! Is Getting A Remake, We Welcome Our New Overlords


Publisher THQ Nordic, and developer Black Forest Games announced that Destroy All Humans! will be getting a remake. The first game in the series, from 2005, will be getting remade for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Crypto, the oddly Jack Nicholson sounding protagonist, will once again be trying to take over the earth and destroy us all.

According to an overview of the game on Amazon, the remake will include the restored, never before seen Lost Mission of Area 42, will feature all of the classic weird alien weaponry, and we can still use assorted powers to infiltrate or destroy our enemies.

The first Destroy All Humans was the best of the bunch if I am honest, and I really excited to see it getting a remake. The series fell from grace over the years, but a remake of the original game, done well, can remind us all of why it was so much fun.

The announcement trailer is certainly…something, featuring aliens getting up to no good to a soundtrack provided by Rammstein’s “Ich Will.” We don’t get to see any gameplay footage, but we better still be able to abduct cows or there will be strongly worded letters sent to people. Another thing to note is that there has been no mention of a Switch version when it feels like the kind of game that would do very well on the platform.

Hopefully, we get to see lots more of Destroy All Humans! at E3 2019, which is just around the corner.