Detective Pikachu digital, DVD and Blu-ray US release date announced


Warner Bros. has confirmed the release date of Pokémon Detective Pikachu in the US on Blu-Ray, DVD and via digital download. The film is set to release digitally on July 23, for Blu-Ray and DVD on August 6. Other regions are still to be confirmed.

The movie stars Ryan Reynolds who voiced Detective Pikachu and was supported by Bill Nye and legendary Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, sees Pokémon shy Tim (played by Justice Smith) head to Pokémon filled Ryme City. There he teams up with Detective Pikachu to uncover the mystery behind Tim’s father supposed death and disappearance. Because Detective Pikachu can talk, but Tim is the only one who can hear him, it leads to plenty of heartfelt interactions between the two characters throughout their journey.

The movie released on May 10 in the US and many fans adored film’s plot and the chemistry between the two main characters. While the film is unlikely to win any significant awards, the film has received praise for its performance from the likes of Reynolds, and many believe it to be the best live action movie based on a video-game ever made. The film pictures a world where Pokémon get placed in a live-action setting for the first time, and while the initial shots of Pokémon were somewhat unconvincing, the number of Pokémon and their depiction in the film was also a highlight.

Production Company Legendary Pictures have also already confirmed that a sequel is in the works with the screenwriter for 22 Jump Street Oren Uziel signed on to write it. The film made about $425 million worldwide, and both Legendary and Warner Bros. will want to capitalize on the momentum of the film with both the home release and the sequel. With production yet to start, and the first film taking about a year to launch after production finished, we likely won’t see the sequel until 2021.