Detective Pikachu will include an appearance from Mewtwo


The upcoming Detective Pikachu game is no doubt going to be better than the movie starring Ryan Reynolds, even if it does look a little strange. Mark our words on that. Nintendo has released a new trailer that shows off a bit more of what we can expect to see from the Pikachu that speaks English like a grizzled old guy and the detective cases he’s solving. 

Players will infiltrate Ryme City in search of Pikachu’s friend Tim’s missing father Harry. It’s a place where both people and their companion Pokémon live in peace together, but there’s still some weird stuff going on there, like the appearance of Mewtwo. It appears that Mewtwo knows Pikachu somehow, but why? And how? That’s a mystery we haven’t yet solved. 

Beyond that, there’s a lot of additional human characters, like the man who own’s Pikachu’s favorite cafe, a TV studio employee, and fellow inspector. At some point you’ll be taken all over Ryme City for interrogations, questioning anyone who may be involved in some particularly shady business. 

Detective Pikachu launches March 23 for Nintendo 3DS, so you’ll be able to check out the full story then. There’s also an XL Detective Pikachu amiibo that’s available on the same day. You can use it to unlock various hints and cutscenes a little quicker than normal, and it’ll make a decent Pikachu paperweight, too.