Detective Pikachu Release Date Announced for 3DS for the Western States and More


Detective Pikachu, a game for the Nintendo consoles, in which you play as a detective named, Tim Goodman with your partner detective/Pokemon Pikachu. In the game, Pikachu has the ability to talk and is also like a typical “detective”. The last time Pikachu spoke it wasn’t approved by the fans, let’s hope this time they get it correctly.

Detective Pikachu Nintendo 3DS Release Date

The game was released for the 3DS last year in Japan and the western countries were left out without any news whatsoever. However, the wait is finally over as the game has an official release date of 23rd March 2018, for both America and Europe.

Along with the game release, a new Pikachu Amiibo for the game will be released, which is much larger than the usual. Upon use, it will unlock short videos which will provide hints for your investigations. The Amiibo will cost 30$, and the international pricing will be announced later.