Western players can solve mysteries with Detective Pikachu this March


The investigation is over and the perp has been revealed. It’s Pikachu! At long last, Western gamers get a chance to start solving mysteries with a certain electric mouse. Detective Pikachu is finally coming to Nintendo 3DS in the west March 23. 

Detective Pikachu saddles players with the young Tim Goodman and his tough-talking, coffee-guzzling Pikachu as the two work to uncover the mystery behind Tim’s father’s disappearance. As you make your way through Ryme City, you’ll uncover clues, bag witnesses, and unravel secrets along the way. Think Phoenix Wright, but a little cuter, and a little weirder—this isn’t Ash’s Pikachu, after all. 

The package isn’t complete without a figure to go with it, though. That’s why there’s a unique Detective Pikachu amiibo coming to complement the game’s release on 3DS. It’s our favorite gumshoe Pikachu posed while “sleithing,” and it’s a little bigger than regular amiibo figures. If you use it in-game, you can nab special videos with hints that could potentially help you figure out some difficult parts of your investigation. It’s a limited edition release, so with all special amiibo, you’ll want to pick it up as soon as you can. 

Nintendo says there are more details on Detective Pikachu to come, but for now, mark your calendars for March and sharpen those deductive skills.