David Cage Talks Cut-Scenes, Detroit: Become Human Wanted More Interactivity


In a recent interview, David Cage discussed the cut-scenes and their use in Detroit: Become Human, where there are very few of them. It looks like it’s a very specific design choice from Quantic Dream.

“Yes, we wanted to do something that perhaps respects the conventions of video games,” Cage said, even though he is known as one of the most movie-y directors in the gaming industry.

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“We tried above all to tell this story through the interactions and never through the cutscenes. It’s easy to tell a story through cutscenes, but you do not buy a game to watch a movie. We buy it to live a story.”

That was apparently the result of a learning process that started with Fahrenheit and passed through some QD’s most appreciated titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

“For the twenty-one years Quantic Dream existed, it has been a huge learning experience and a lesson of humility. With each game, we realize everything we wanted to do but we did not succeed. It is an extremely demanding medium because we are trying to invent something that does not exist.

When we started talking about narration in a game with “Fahrenheit”, we were treated as “crazy”. When we talked about emotion with “Heavy Rain”, we were told it was “anything”. Game after game, we are facing a wall, permanently. This wall is there, and we try to get through, to push the limits. With “Detroit”, we try to go beyond the sum of the things we learned.”

Detroit: Become Human is now available for PS4.