Detroit: Become Human Sold 1 Million Copies In 2 Weeks, Next Project Already Being Discussed

Detroit: Become Human has been surprisingly successful after its official release on PlayStation 4, which is something quite revealing about the power of PS4 exclusive games at this point in the generation.

The game is indeed pretty niche and the numbers we’re seeing attached to it, in terms of sales and not only for what matters the Metascore, are definitely relevant and supporting even further Sony’s efforts on this story-driven genre.

Detroit Become Human Sold 1 Million Copies In 2 Weeks

“We have just passed the million mark sold for Detroit: Become Human, two weeks after the release of the game,” revealed Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the deputy CEO of the French independent studio.

“This is clearly our best start. The previous title of this flagship of narrative video games, Heavy Rain, in 2014, took five weeks to break the milestone of one million copies. In total, it attracted 5.5 million players.”

As reported by French newspaper Les Echos, “Detroit: Become Human has been pre-funded by Sony. The partnership between Quantic Dream and the manufacturer of the PS4 has been renewed with each new game for twelve years. Discussions are underway for the studio’s next project.”

So, a new project is already in a conceptual stage and the partnership between Sony and the French studio is healthier than ever thanks to the success of Detroit: Become Human. We definitely can’t wait to learn more about that.