More Custom Class Slots Could Be Coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you have ever wished for more customer class slots in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you’re not alone. A user called PavilionParty took to Reddit to highlight the need for more custom class slots in the game and was met with a lot of agreement from the rest of the community.

Custom class slots allow you to pre-make a full load out for your Operator. In a game with multiple modes, maps, weapons, perks, and kill-streaks, this can be very important for some players. Individual maps and modes might require specific builds to excel, or if someone on the enemy team is running a particular set up, then a quick way to respawn with a strong counter build is a good idea.

At the moment, players are limited to just five custom class slots, which puts somewhat of a dampener on their attempts to be fully prepared.

Thankfully, developer Joel Emslie, Studio Art Director at Infinity Ward, saw the Reddit post and responded with some useful information for anyone concerned about this issue. “We’ve been tinkering with it,” Emslie writes. “I’m not sure which update its in, but I think it’s next.”

Emslie notes that adding more class slots is a little more complicated than one might expect, as it can introduce quite a few bugs if not handled correctly.

Still, the team is hard at work on the issue, and it will hopefully be arriving in the game soon, potentially with the next update the game receives.