Devil May Cry 5 Datamine Hints At Co-Op Bloody Palace, New Playable Character

As you might know, Devil May Cry 5 is introducing a Bloody Palace wave-based mode in the coming month on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The mode is as usual a free implementation, which is releasing this April, but could be also adding a bigger and much requested feature.

Indeed, according to the latest datamine, Bloody Palace could be playable solo and co-op, something which is very limited in the main campaign.

On top of that, the cooperative mode would be coming complete of a brand new character which you could be playing as or with in the Bloody Palace.

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Read what follows only if you’ve completed the main story, as this detail could be a spoiler for what matters the plot.

The Bloody Palace mode would be releasing with a full co-op support, something that, as said, is very limited and a bit random in the story.

Anyway, that wouldn’t be coming alone, as a new character you meet across the story is reportedly dropping with it.

That character is Vergil, as the name has popped up in the latest datamine users have been doing on the game’s files.

Of course, the fact that the name is in the files doesn’t mean that much on its own, but sure enoug to have it playable as some kind of fourth protagonist would be great.

We won’t spoil any detail about how this character is linked to the main story, but sure enough he would be a good fit in terms of more protagonists unleashing onto the game.

Via ResetEra