Devil May Cry 5 Listed For March 2019, PS4 Exclusive Launch

Devil May Cry 5 is reportedly in the making and soon to be announced at the upcoming E3 2018. A new kind of confirm has arrived today by the UK retailer Base, which is listing the yet to be revealed action hack ‘n’ slash.

Interestingly, the retailer claims the game is releasing as soon as by March 2019, so in less than a year from now, which would definitely make the long wait since DmC: Devil May Cry launch worth.

Retailer Lists Devil May Cry 5 As PS4 Exclusive

Q1 is surely enough a window that Capcom cares a lot about, considering someone has even dubbed it “the Capcom window” as the developer and publisher has already shipped Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter World in it.

On top of that, it’s also worth note that Devil May Cry 5 is only listed for PlayStation 4 at the moment, which is fueling the rumors of a possible exclusivity agreement between Sony and Capcom.

So, whatever happens, it’s likely that the Devil May Cry 5 gets revealed at E3 2018. It’ll be important from this perspective to see whether the reveal happens at the PlayStation media briefing, which would be a severe hint at the PS4 exclusivity mentioned above.