Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition Comes With Dante, V, And Nero’s Coat

Capcom has a long history of making a real-life replica of clothes and other merchandise that some of their video game protagonists have worn in-game and selling those (real-life replica of the merchandise) with the Limited And Ultra Limited Edition of the game. The publisher used this strategy back in 2012 when they sold Leon’s replica leather jacket from Resident Evil 6 for about £899. They are using this same strategy once again, and this time around with their upcoming next game in DmC series, Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Edition Nero's Coat Real Life Replica

Capcom has just announced an Ultra Limited Edition of Devil May Cry 5 and it comes with a real-life replica of the coats of all three playable characters in the game i.e Dante, V, and Nero.

The price of the Devil May Cry Ultra Edition differs and it depends on the character you choose to go for. If you decide to go for V’s coat then the edition will cost you 600,000 yen which comes to USD 5,320, Nero’s Edition is available for 750,000 yen which comes to USD 6,650. The most expensive is Dante’s edition, which carries a price tag of 900,000 yen i.e. around USD 8,000.

You guys can check out the announcement tweet. We have also posted a few images below, it features a model wearing Dante’s coat. Are you planning to get any of these coat for yourself? Let us know in the comment section below.

dante-coat-real-life-replica-ultra-edition nero-coat-real-life-replica-ultra-edition v-coat-real-life-replica-ultra-edition