Devil May Cry 5 is Coming To The Xbox Game Pass Starting Today

Are you looking to crush hordes of demons while listening to adrenaline-pumping music? Then get ready to jump into Devil May Cry 5 as it comes to the Xbox Games Pass, starting today.

Devil May Cry 5 was a standout title and a highly regarded game in terms of quality and presentation. The game brought the series to its high-point as it sees the return of franchise’s hero, Dante, along with V and Nero who have to fight a new, powerful demon named Urizen. The game kicks off with some massive action and forces the character to come together to work together to stop this fearsome threat.

The game is coming to the Xbox Game Pass starting today. If you already have access to the game pass, make sure to grab right now so you can leap in to fight off the demon hordes.

Devil May Cry 5 initially released earlier this year, and the fact it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass already shows the real quality of the service. If you don’t have it already for your Xbox, then make sure to grab it for the PC to gain access to the same amount of content if you had an Xbox One.

You can also look forward to playing Ape Out, Age of Empire: Definitive Edition and Stellaris on the Xbox Game Pass.