Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch Is A PS4 Port, Price TBA

Devil May Cry has been announced very recently for the Nintendo Switch but, back in the days of the reveal, we haven’t received much information about what it is set to look like.

Capcom has offered a more detailed statement on the topic, despite not confirming the price of the game.

We’re informed, via USGamer, that the title is the port of the PlayStation 4 remaster, only that it is coming standalone.

Indeed, the publisher and developer have confirmed it doesn’t have plans to bring more Devil May Cry games (like those part of the original collection, 2 and 3) to the Nintendo Switch as of now.

“Capcom is focused on bringing the original Devil May Cry experience for the first time to a Nintendo system. No other titles have been announced,” said the company.

That’s rather weird if you consider that the collection has been originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360, and then got a mere upscale onto PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

So it doesn’t look like there are technical limitations for it to come to the Switch — just a business decision, and one that leaves us wondering about the final price of the game.

Considering the price of the entire compilation, $14,99 would be even too much, but you can’t really think of Capcom selling a game at that price or even less.

It’ll be interesting to learn all the details as soon as Devil May Cry releases onto Nintendo Switch this summer.

The series has been recently revived with a successful fifth chapter, even though DLC weren’t offered and the dev team instantly passed to its next project.