Diablo 4 Leak Shows Lilith, Succubus Queen


We’ve been discussing leaks from BlizzCon over the last few days, and it seems like there’s a chance for more of them to come before the event even kicks off in a few days. Today, we’re learning more stuff about Diablo 4.

A couple of days ago, we talked about an artbook involving the entire Diablo franchise that has mentioned for the first time the fourth chapter in the franchise, which, as you might know, has yet to be announced.

Now, we’re getting even more details about the game thanks to a new page that has popped up as available for people who have pre-ordered their copy of the artbook on Amazon Germany, and those sound rather good for those who’ve fallen in love with Diablo 2.

That page is all about Lilith, the Succubus Queen, a character that has appeared in Diablo 2 even though she didn’t have a huge role throughout the story of that particular game. She’s mentioned in the lore despite only being in Pandemonium for a little while.

Lilith is the Daughter of Hatred and was one of the angels and demons who left the eternal conflict to build Sanctuary. She’d be coming with a brand new design crafter from the ground up for Diablo 4, of course, which is seemingly a hint at a bigger role for her in this iteration.

So, the fact that Blizzard is trying and building a connection with Diablo 2, a very much appreciated title in the series, is perhaps a big hint of the team going for something very safe with this chapter, after the controversy around its brand and a third game that has required a while before finally taking off.