Rumor: Diablo IV Classes Reportedly Leaked


We’re just a few hours away from the start of BlizzCon 2019. And there’s already a lot of talk on how a potential announcement of Diablo IV could steal the show. But now an interesting leak has emerged, suggesting what the game’s first three classes might be.

According to this report on Reddit, the sequel will have a look to it that’s “dark, gritty and gross” — about what fans expect in terms of the moody world that Diablo is set in. As far as the three classes go, they’re broken down below:

  • First up is the mage. Apparently, they’re an elemental warrior, as they can use fire, ice, and lightning-based attacks on their enemies.
  • Next is the barbarian. This is more of a brute warrior, one that uses weapons such as swords, clubs and axes. Apparently, he can kick around foes like no one’s business as well.
  • But perhaps the most intriguing class of the three is the druid. Like the mage, they also use lightning, but can also harness the power of wind. What’s more, they’ll have transformative abilities, turning into creatures such as a bear or a werewolf, and using their natural powers to strike at foes.

The source also suggests that Lilith is indeed in the sequel, and could very well be the new Diablo, or a rather big boss that players will have to go up against at some point. “She’s covered in blood veil kinda,” the source explains. It’ll also have four-player co-op and reportedly have some PvP mode right off the bat.

While all of this sounds very intriguing, to say the least, take it with a grain of salt. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed the report, and we could see something entirely different when it’s likely to be revealed tomorrow. But whatever it is, we’re eager to see what’s on tap!