Battlefield V Executive Producers Comments Historical Inaccuracy Accusations


After yesterday’s reveal, Battlefield V has been accused from multiple supporters of the series because of the inclusion of female characters who, according to these people, don’t belong in the World War II.

Solicited on Twitter by a Game Informer Australia journalist, who was making fun of those people who claim the game is not going to be historically accurate, executive producer at DICE Aleksander Grondal also provided his comment on the matter.

Battlefield V Historical Inaccuracy Accusations Explained

He said that at the Swedish studio “we will always put fun over authentic,” which is actually something that the developer has strived to offer across the multiple iterations of the first person shooter series over the years.

Maybe it was a bit harder to do that with Battlefield 1, and that was clearly a problem of the game since its slower pace was something that the studio had to look into and tune in order to offer a fun experience to everyone.

At any rate, Battlefield V will keep proposing things that couldn’t have happened in the real locations and with the real stuff in place, although adding a layer of pure gaming that is usually making everything more interesting to just, err, play.

Users pointing out this is going to be something to be disappointing of should simply calm down and try the game before saying something like that, or commenting that this is some form of betrayal of the franchise.

The release date has been fixed at October 16.