Dire Maul Is Available Right Now In World Of Warcraft Classic


World of Warcraft Classic gains its first major update, and the iconic Dire Maul is coming to the game.

Dire Maul was a series of challenging dungeons that were released in the original WoW back in the day. It is a large, five-player dungeon that is meant to serve as a test for players who had reached the level cap at that point. Dire Maul comes in three parts – an East, North, and South section. The East Wing was available to all players, but to gain access to the North and South players would need to reach specific requirements.

It is in the Dire Maul players encounter some of the most potent enemies, and they were able to find incredibly valuable items, like the Orb of Deception. The Dire Maul is often fondly remembered by fans of the original WoW, and it is often considered to be an early highlight of the game pre-expansions.

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Today, on Oct. 15, the Dire Maul is making a return in World of Warcraft Classic. Classic is a direct recreation of how WoW was before its first major expansion. It released in August, and many gamers have enjoyed Classic for being a nice throwback to how WoW was before the expansions.

Kotaku reports that Dire Maul in Classic is essentially the same as it was in the original WoW, with some minor tweaks. The Dire Maul update comes with new quests for epic Paladin and Warlock mounts.

The patch to have Dire Maul should be available for all players of World of Warcraft Classic today.