Disc-Less Xbox One S To Be Released In May

The long and heavy rumored disc-less Xbox One should be around in early May, according to a new report.

Windows Central claims indeed that the console will be available for pre-order in late April, and that the plan is to launch it worldwide during Q1 2019.

The platform is rumored to be called Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and by the name you can tell it’s based on the original Xbox One S, without the Blu-ray optical drive.

In terms of pricing, it should be sold at $100-150 less than the original $300 price tag of the console, and focus on Xbox Game Pass.

On top of that, the platform would also serve as an access point for users to the new streaming service Project xCloud once it launches later this year.

The same rumor points at a Fortnite-skinned Xbox One model to be released this year, which should not be a simple bundle but a custom design version of the platform.

That console doesn’t have a release date yet, nor we’ve been informed about it being based on the S or X models.

Of course, these are just whispers coming from nowhere at the time being, so we’ll update you once more stuff on that unleashes.