Disguised Toast has found a host of broken interactions in The Boomsday Project

A few things are guaranteed when a new Hearthstone expansion launches.

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A few things are guaranteed when a new Hearthstone expansion launches.

First comes theorycrafting, then the pack openings, and then players try out their new builds on the ladder. But one player isn’t trying to play strong decks—he’s trying to break the new cards.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has become one of the most popular content creators in the game, and that’s because he breaks the game. He finds interactions or combos that aren’t working how they are supposed to and puts them on display. Usually, that prompts a quick reaction from Blizzard to fix them—so really he’s more of a public servant than a YouTuber.

The Boomsday Project is no exception, and his video yesterday exposed some issues with the new set.

One of the big advantages of Hearthstone being digital is that the cards can do some crazy things—but sometimes those can be hard to have work properly all the time. That’s where Toast comes.

Perhaps the weirdest one is that Biology Project doesn’t trigger Combo cards, even though it looks and acts just like a normal spell card in every other way. That should be an easy fix.

Flobbidinous Floop has a few more issues. The tool tip on the card is actually wrong—it’s the same wording as Shifter Zerus, which has a different effect. When Floop gets stolen by Azalina Soulthief, it will still recognize minions played by the original Flooper.

There’s some issues with Dr Morrigan, Omega Defender, and Augmented Elekk interacting with Academic Espionage too.

Some of these interactions are pretty screwy, but don’t worry. Now that Toast has made the video, it shouldn’t be long before Blizzard fixes them. Thanks Toast.

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