Square Enix details Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s upcoming season pass contents


Square Enix has provided additional information about the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy NT season pass after a special Japanese livestream debuted ahead of the game’s Japanese launch.

While we already knew the game would have its own season pass, we weren’t quite sure what it would include beyond six playable characters, two different costume color variations, and two more weapons for all six new characters. 

Now we know that the pass itself will run 4,000 yen and each character can also be purchased for 800 yen apiece. Square Enix didn’t list all of the specific new characters to expect, but did offer that there would be four “new” male characters, three from the “newer” half of the numbered Final Fantasy games, and one from the “older” half. Both female characters will be from the newer half of the numbered games as well, but one will have been seen previously in the Dissidia Final Fantasy series. 

Fans can likely work out some ideas for who these characters may be, but there will definitely still be some surprises as to what’s going to be added to the game after it debuts. Though it’s coming to Japan tomorrow, Jan. 11, it’s not scheduled to release in North America and Europe until Jan. 30.

Ahead of that time, you can check out the game as part of a special open beta that begins this week on Jan. 12. Don’t worry, as always there are plenty of Final Fantasy characters to go around for everyone.