The Division 2’s DC Outskirts: Expeditions Update Brings New Missions July 23

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The Division 2 has a big content drop coming at the end of this month. The not-so-snappily titled Episode 1 — DC Outskirts: Expeditions will launch July 23 for players with the game’s Year 1 Pass, and July 30 for everyone else. Whether you have the pass or not, DC Outskirts will be free for everyone. Year 1 Pass holders get a bit of extra content, in the form of two Classified Assignments.

The main addition in DC Outskirts is the introduction of three new locations, each with its own activities. Camp White Oak and Manning National Zoo feature new campaign missions, while Kenly College introduces a new activity called Expeditions. At Camp White Oak, you’ll take down the high-level traitor revealed at the end of The Division 2’s main campaign. In Manning National Zoo, you’re tasked with tracking down the leader of the Outcasts gang, who’s hiding there following her escape from Division agents in the base game.

Kenly College doesn’t continue the main story of The Division 2, instead asking players to investigate a broadcast from a military convoy. There, they’ll complete the game’s first Expedition. The Expedition is a multi-stage activity with three separate parts. The first phase will be available when DC Outskirts launches, with phase two and three releasing over the next two weeks. Players who finish all three parts of the Expedition will get a cache of exclusive rewards.

In news that’s probably welcome to more casual players, DC Outskirts will also bring a new difficulty setting to the Operation Dark Hours raid. Called Discovery difficulty, it’s an easier version of the raid that some console players initially called unfair due to its reliance on quick and precise aiming, which is substantially more difficult on a controller than with a mouse and keyboard. Discovery players can play through the whole raid, but Exotic loot will still only be available in Normal difficulty.

About loot, the update will also allow players to craft equipment up to Gear Score 500. The update will also unlock blueprint-sharing across characters and allow crafted weapons to be recalibrated. It also adds a few new pieces of equipment: the Exotic Diamondback Rifle, Stoner LMG, Carbine 7, and BTSU Datagloves.