Ubisoft Adds Matchmaking to The Division 2 Raid

An update to Ubisoft’s The Division 2 allows players to team up with other strangers on the internet for the game’s raid mission through matchmaking. This new feature allows those without seven other players to experience the raid content with other strangers.

Previously, there was no option to matchmake for the game’s first raid, which typically lasts close to two hours depending on difficulty. This hindrance meant that players needed a full group for the raid. A full group consists of seven other friends in a group. The decision initially proved controversial as it meant that Solo players were locked out of the content unless they were able to find a group outside of the game.

The raid has been available for a couple of months now, and adding matchmaking to it now makes sense to allow players without a big group to experience the content. However, the matchmaking comes with a caveat in that you can only matchmake in the new ‘Discovery’ difficulty mode, which still allows for plenty of loot but does lock the matched team out from the exotic items that are usually available when playing as a group.

Other inclusions in the update for the looter shooter includes four new pieces of gear, including the stoner LMG, carbine 7 and two exotic items, the diamondback Rifle and the BTSU Datagloves. Year 1 Season Pass holders also gain access to two new assignments at Washington Central Aquarium and the NSA Site B13.

The Division 2 update releases on July 23 for Year 1 pass holders and July 30 for all other players, so get ready to jump in with some strangers.