Nintendo Rumored To Be Working On New Donkey Kong For Nintendo Switch


A new rumor according to a twitter update point towards Nintendo’s involvement in a brand new Donkey Kong game for Switch platform. There is no update on the game from many years and it looks there are chances we might see a new edition exclusively for Nintendo Switch. A lot of previous games are making their comeback to Switch.

Donkey Kong Switch

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a 2014 game is under process for Nintendo Switch. The game will be officially released on May 04, 2018. So yet there is one game backed up in the process and according to this fresh rumor, another will soon join the same line.

The rumor is backed by two sources, one is on forum ResetEra where a person who is the connection with David Wise who is the composer to Donkey Kong claims that he is working on with Nintendo. The second source is twitter where Nibel one of the administrator had added a positive feedback that points this is not completely a rumor.

Nintendo has not announced anything about Donkey Kong game under development. In between Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is officially announced and will be releasing this year. It was first released on Wii U. It is a side-scrolling platformer video game where the lead character and his friends are traveling through 6 islands to defeat the Snowmads.