Dontnod’s Vampyr confirmed for summer release


Dontnod’s Vampyr is an intriguing action RPG from the creators of the wildly popular Life is Strange adventure games. It’s also been delayed, but now it’s back in the saddle for a finalized release date, as revealed during the final episode of the developer’s Dontnod Presents Vampyr series of video diaries. We can expect to jump into 20th century London this June, in fact, just as summer’s getting underway. 

You’ll fill the shoes of Jonathan Reid, a man who’s doing his best to overcome the vampiric urges he suddenly finds himself dealing with. London is plagued by a marked rise in cannibalism as well, with people turning into ghoul-like creatures known as “skals” that lulls them into a zombie-esque lunacy. Reid, while working with an order of vampire hunters, must get to the bottom of the strange illness he finds himself with while investigating the skals and all of the strange happenings in his town. 

Vampyr represents a different side of Dontnod with elements of puzzle-solving, choice-driven narrative, and lots of blood and gore to top it all off. If you’re interested in sinking your teeth into it all, you can check out the fourth episode of the telling mini-series based on its development and get ready for June 5.