Doom 64 Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 22


Today’s Nintendo Direct was full of surprises. Among them was the announcement of Bethesda bringing over Doom 64 to the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 22.

Doom 64 is going to blow fans away as they’re going to get the chance to play it wherever they go, taking it on the go or playing it in the comfort of their home. The release of the title shows how much Nintendo has begun to work with other companies, and how many want to take part in the nostalgia trip that Nintendo can bring for fans.

As of right now, we have no idea if there are going to be any pre-order bonuses to grabbing the game, but we already have a release date. You can likely make your way over to the Nintendo store to pre-order it, starting today.

We may begin to see more Bethesda products making their way over to the Nintendo Switch in the next few months. Nintendo appears keen to make these solid relationships with other companies to bring them onto their platform, benefiting both themselves and those who want to tap into the nostalgia nerve of their fan base.

Doom 64 is going to be available on the Nintendo Switch starting on Nov. 22. You can pre-order the game, right now.