Doom Multiplayer Battlemode Pits 2 players versus 1 Doom Player | E3 2019


During Bethesda’s E3 conference they showed off new gameplay of Doom Eternal, which releases this year on November 22. One of the new modes coming the brand new game is called Battlemode.

The game mode pits two players, who assume the roles of fully-equipped demons from the main game, against a single character who’s the Doom guy. The three face off in a battle to the death, where the two demons have to work together to take down the Doom player.

The demons are going to have special abilities where they can summon smaller, annoying demons in an attempt to distract the single player. It’s a game of strategy versus skill as the two demons have to work together to take down the stronger, heavily-equipped Doom guy.

While the mode is exciting and different than what many expect, it’s not one of the big reasons players go out of their way to enjoy Doom. Doom is much more about the single-player experience, but if a couple of friends want to play together, this new game mode serves as a great option.