Doom Eternal has a home hub, and here’s what you’ll find inside

Consider yourself at home.

Doom Eternal Home Hub

(Screengrab via IGN)

When it comes out in just under two months, id Software’s Doom Eternal will let fans “rip and tear” to their heart’s content. But it will also have something that the first game didn’t include — a home hub.

A new hands-on report from Gamespot notes that fans will have a place to call home when they’re not out and about tearing demons to shreds. It’s called the Fortress of Doom, and, within it, they’ll be able to do several things.

First off, they’ll have access to upgrades and gear. At first, the rooms are inaccessible behind locked doors. However, throughout the game, you will acquire Sentinel Batteries. These allow you to choose whatever doors you want to open, depending on what you need. Although all the contents weren’t revealed, these include a mod bot, Praetor tokens, and armor capacity upgrades.

Also, you can pick up Empyrean keys by laying waste to Slayer gate challenges, located within missions. Get enough of these, and you’ll open up a room that offers a formidable weapon. The BFG, perhaps? GameSpot wouldn’t say.

The Fortress of Doom isn’t just limited to one small space. It’s got several floors, including a basement where you can train in your demon-killing ways. It’s known as the Demon Prison, or, as the writer puts it, a “Riptorium.”

There’s also a glimpse of what appears to be a giant Praetor suit, resembling a mech. It’s unknown what it does in the game just yet, but it’d be pretty sweet once we get our hands on that kind of firepower. Rip and tear, indeed.

More details should be available in the weeks ahead, leading up to the game’s release. Doom Eternal arrives on March 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC; and will release on a later date on Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Check out its latest trailer below.