Doraemon Story of Seasons coming to Nintendo Switch and PC Autumn 2019


You can expect to play Doraemon Story of Seasons on the Nintendo Switch later this year in fall to the North America and Europe markets.

Doraemon Story of Seasons is a crossover game of the two titles. The first, Doraemon, is a Japanese Magna series of the same name. The second, Story of Seasons, used to called Harvest Moon. The announcement came with a trailer, which you can view below.

The trailer shows the player’s character running throughout the game’s town and the player’s small homestead. Their homestead is broken down into small areas where they numerous plants growing, from turnips, lettuce, to daisies.

Players are going to have to opportunity to enjoy several activities they’d do in Story of Seasons beyond farming, such as exploring the environment, meeting the townsfolk, bug hunting, and much more. Players are going to encounter familiar faces from the Doraemon Magna in the town.

For those who have been eager to play more Stardew Valley, this game could be exactly what you’re looking to play.

There’s no exact for the game’s release, simply labeling it as an “Autumn 2019” launch title, so expect it sometime later this year.