Dota Auto-Chess Coming to Mobile Without Dota 2

The huge sensation Dota Auto-Chess is on its way to mobile devices. However, for now, Drodo Studios, the development team behind the Dota 2 mod, are taking their time with expanding their product and only plan to bring it to mobile devices in China.

Dota Auto-Chess is a game in which eight players have their separate chess board circled a small island no one uses, facing off against each other. During the match they acquire gold to purchase Dota 2 heroes that they attempt to combine and level up, defeating other players on the board. A player can only place their pieces on one side of their chess board, as the other is reserved for the opposing player to spawn in. All the fighting gets randomly generated, meaning players have to strategically consider their hero builds, placement, and even any items they gain from beating NPCs.

Because Drodo Studios are moving on from using Dota 2 as a platform, they’re going to have the game stripped of all the Dota assets. This way the developers can legally make money off of their product. As of right now, only four people make up the development team. But as they continue forward, they’re going to expand, and hopefully, this means they’re going to bring their product to other international markets. They could expand out to other platforms, too.

The new iteration of the game is set to release in late 2019.