Dr DisRespect is officially the new concurrent viewer record-holder, Twitch confirms


After some uncertainty about which streamer holds the title for most concurrent viewers on Twitch, the company has confirmed to Dot Esports that Dr Disrespect is, in fact, the king.

Sorry, Tyler1.

The debate began a few hours after the Doc concluded his return to streaming yesterday evening, starting with news site PCGamer claiming that he broke the record, only to be followed by Kotaku, who said Tyler1 was still the reigning champ.

Fans of both the Doc and Tyler1 have two explanations for the confusion. Either some viewers were seeing false viewer counts (a phenomenon that has not been confirmed by Twitch), or Tyler1’s fans were doctoring images to make it seem like he had higher viewer counts.

The truth, however, is that Dr DisRespect’s official record was locked in at just over 388,000 concurrent viewers, barely edging out Tyler1’s 383,000 last month.

The record-holder before Tyler1 was three-time League of Legends World Champion Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, who breached 245,000 viewers on his first Twitch stream last year.

Both Tyler1 and Dr DisRespect had taken extended hiatuses from the streaming platform, which seemingly built up their return to dramatic proportions. Dr DisRespect’s break was taken to deal with his own marital issues, and Tyler1 was essentially forced to leave, as he had been banned indefinitely from playing League of Legends due to his toxicity.

Of course, none of this may matter in the end. The pair might get into an arm-wrestling match to decide who the real king of Twitch is at this year’s TwitchCon. How much can we really care about a number when two of the biggest larger-than-life gaming personalities on Twitch want to have a muscle-off?