Dragon Age 4 To Be Based On Anthem’s Code And Technology


One of the things that made Anthem‘s development longer than it should’ve been is the will of BioWare to build brand new code and tech for it.

It was something completely new for the studio, which had never directly worked on such a big online environment.

But now that Anthem is out, and that the next project is a more traditional (hopefully) Dragon Age 4 game, the process should be smoother.

As part of a lengthy report from Kotaku, which focused on the issues the studio had to face during the development, an anonymous dev said that Anthem was a huge lesson that higher-ups have probably learned.

Indeed, Dragon Age 4 is going to be based on the same code and technology, which should fasten the process and make it easier for developers.

“I think Anthem might be the kick in the butt that BioWare leadership needed to see that how you develop games has changed dearly,” said the dev.

“You can’t just start fresh and fumble your way forward until you find the fun. That doesn’t work anymore.”

Also, this is a reference to the fact that Anthem had spent much more time in pre-production than in development, which was entered only when BioWare was sure of the fact that the game was fun enough.

Dragon Age 4 was revealed at The Game Awards last December and has no release date attached to it.