Dragon Age 4 Is Being Built At “A Small Skeleton Crew,” Tough Times For BioWare?


During GDC 2018, former BioWare writer Mike Laidlaw provided more intel about how things are shaping up in the Canadian development team of Dragon Age 4. And those things doesn’t look really good.

According to Laidlaw, who left the company to “try a new challenge”, “a very small skeleton crew” is now working on the game, meaning that EA doesn’t believe that much in the title now or that it’ll ramp up as soon as the development process goes full throttle.

Dragon Age 4 Development Update From Ex-Bioware Writer

“I wanted to try a new challenge, and I knew that [the staff reassignments] would change the [Dragon Age 4] date. I was going to have a very small skeleton crew. I’m lucky because Patrick Weekes is an exceptional lead writer, Daniel Kading is an exceptional lead designer,” he said.

“There were two very veteran designers who could hold a vision. I thought if I’m ever gonna go, this is the least disruptive time for me to leave. So, I’d be stunned if whatever plan I had remained completely unchanged.”

As for the story, Laidlaw apparently had quite clear ideas for where to go with Dragon Age 4.

“There’s obviously a route to go with the Solas’ revelations. If you’ve played [the Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC], you will know what logically will follow.”

Dragon Age 4, a sequel to Inquisition, has yet to be announced.