New Dragon Age Game To Have Live Elements Says Producer


New Dragon Age game is in news in recent times and there were many speculations in various news sources. As per the news, the game was to be rebooted last year that will feature more live elements. Also, it was rumored that the game might have micro-transactions. Game produce Casey Hudson has shared a short update on twitter according to which it is too early to talk about the new game details.

Dragon Age 4

Player will be relieved when EA will reveal the next Dragon Age game said by Hudson on the twitter update. He further added the game is story and character focused. But giving more details is too early. He also mentioned about “Live” elements in the game but did not specify anything in detail. Below is the full tweet.

We had seen games have been affected badly due to micro-transactions, the best example is of Battlefront 2 were after the outrage EA pulled back the same for a temporary period. It is essential to implement it in the right way or keep the micro-transactions as an optional element in the game. So that it won’t affect gamers experience and make them felt like cheated.

The new Dragon Age game has not been officially revealed yet, there is very less update on it. According to the tweet, we can just assume a short insight into the game elements. The previous edition was very successful for Bioware.