Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Faces Server Problems, Bandai Namco To Extend Period


Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta has gone live and there seem to be stability issues with the servers as it is reported by many players. The common error which many faced while accessing the Beta is “failed to initialize network”. Many have reported they are facing issue while trying to connect online while ample of players are struggling to get into the match.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Such issues of Dragon Ball FighterZ is causing unrest among the players who were very excited to test this 2.5D fighting game. The official release date of this game is January 26, before that the Beta servers was first active on Jan 13 for those who have early access, next day on 14 Jan it was available for all. During the beta period, players were able to access around 11 characters and compete through 7 stages. Players can also go through Dragon Ball Fighterz skills tutorials for understanding new skills.

The beta was also players to get a look into Lobby Avatar Customization, Stamps and Replay Channels. As you see there are a lot of things gamers can discover but due to the issues, a lot of gamers are unable to do anything. Bandai Namco has confirmed that there are open beta issues and considering the problem there can be an extension in Beta period.

Bandai Namco addressed the issue through twitter and shared the info with players about the extension of the beta period.