Gogeta and Janemba Revealed at EVO 2019 for Dragon Ball FighterZ

EVO 2019 is in full swing right now, and there are plenty of incredible, outstanding fights to watch over the entire weekend. However, there are a handful of reveals, too. One of the bigger reveals came out with the confirmation of Janemba coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ on Aug 8.

Additionally, there’s the surprise inclusion of SSGSS Gogeta who will also join the incredible roster of fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The reveal of the two fighters happened after the finals for the Dragon Ball FighterZ competition.

Janemba had been leaked some time ago, with many speculating his reveal was going to happen at EVO 2019. Gogeta, on the other hand, was a surprise twist not many would have expected. Given the popularity of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which released earlier this year on Jan. 16, it makes sense for the game’s developers. It’s an excellent choice to tap into the film’s popularity for additional inspiration.

Another piece the developers have said they plan to take from the Broly film is the character Broly’s appearance. He’ll remain as bulky as his original anime counterpart, but his armor, hair, and scars change.

While Janemba has been confirmed to release on Aug. 8, we have no details or date for when SSGSS Gogeta is going to make his way to the game. We’re likely going to have more information in the next few days, or at least after Janemba releases.