Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Have Loot Boxes, But No Micro-Transactions


Dragon Ball FighterZ is going to release on January 29, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This 2.5D fighting game will have loot boxes. Such loot boxes are usually provided to offer players rewards, upgrades, etc. Through which players can upgrade their characters and earn more strength in the competition. Bandai Namco confirmed that there will be loot boxes in Dragon Ball FighterZ also, but it will be available to players from a different angle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

We had seen last year some of the biggest titles have introduces the loot boxes in games, but to gain access players have to spend real cash. This has caused a controversy where gamers had blamed developers for forcing players to buy and win. For Dragon Ball FighterZ things are different, instead of buying the loot boxes for cash, Bandai Namco wants players to play the game. Gamers can earn these loot boxes through Zeni and Premium Z coins. Players can only earn these coins by playing the game. So here there is no way of using cash or implementation of micro-transactions.

The update came out from those players who had got an early access to this game. As shared on Reset Era forums first, players have added the info about to get these loot boxes for upgrades. So either way, if you are not willing to spend money you can earn the in-game currency by playing and use them to buy the loot boxes. All it is going to take is time and effort you have to spend in earning those coins.

Source: Reset Era