Mobile fighter Dragon Ball Legends is out in the US for Android


Dragon Ball Legends, the newest mobile game inspired by the massively popular anime franchise, is now available for US players to download for free via the Google Play store.

The game is available for US users on Android devices only right now. It’ll be coming to European servers in the future, with iOS users able to join in on the party later on down the line. 

There isn’t any sort of projected release date for iOS users, but hopefully it won’t be much longer until we have some sort of idea when iPhone users can join in on the fun. If you’re on an Android device, you can download the game via the Google Play Store here.

Dragon Ball Legends is a unique fighting game that features frenetic and satisfying combat, with attacks unleashed by tapping or swiping the screen. You can also send devastating special attacks hurling toward your opponents when you’ve saved enough energy to do so. Combat is light and quick, with a variety of fighters at your disposal. It also features some pretty detailed and crisp animations, if you’re concerned about how close it looks to the actual series. 

If you’re looking to try out the latest addition to the Dragon Ball video game series, you should seriously consider testing Dragon Ball Legends, especially if you enjoyed Dragon Ball FighterZ. That game is an exemplary anime-based fighter, and debuted to near-universal praise from both consumers and critics alike.