Jump into the Dragon Ball FighterZ Nintendo Switch open beta next week


Dragon Ball FighterZ is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch—and before it makes its official debut, you’ll be able to give it a shot during an upcoming open beta. While Bandai Namco previously announced that an open beta was coming in August, the developer confirmed today that the closed beta is actually beginning next Friday on Aug. 10. 

There’s nothing complicated about joining the beta, either. There aren’t any messy code giveaways or anything like that to be concerned with. All you need to do is download the open beta client via the Nintendo Switch eShop, and wait for Aug. 10 to arrive. Cosplaying as your favorite Dragon Ball Z character is optional, but it might help the wait go by a little quicker. 

There will be four modes available to test out during the beta: Arena Match, Ring Match, Ring Party Match, and Practice Battle Tutorial modes, which all offer different ways to brawl either alone or with other players. Players will even be able to access 23 different fighters to mess around with, which should act as a great incentive for potential Switch buyers to test out their favorite characters without having to spend a dime.

The roster includes heavy-hitters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, Trunks, and Cell, as well as the second-string Z Fighters like Tien and Yamcha, who no one usually plays with on purpose. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ launches for Nintendo Switch on Sept. 28—so if you’re ready to jump into one of the year’s best fighting games, you don’t have much longer to wait at all.