Dragon Quest characters join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC lineup | E3 2019


Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has one of the biggest rosters in fighting game history, and that roster just got a little bigger as they announced a whole slew of Dragon Quest heroes will be joining the battle.

After Joker from Persona 5, the first DLC character from the Fighters Pass was finally released on April 17 fans have been speculating about exactly which characters would be coming next.

Joining Pirahna Plant and Joker as post-release content for the game is the protagonist character from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age and three alternate costumes that will let the player use the main character from three other Dragon Quest titles. Four different titles are represented from the legendary franchise, namely Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, Dragon Quest VII: Journey of the Cursed King, and the most recent game, Dragon Quest XI.

The popular series Dragon Quest was heavily rumored to have a character included in the initial run of five characters, excluding the plant, that would be added as DLC. Along with The Hero and other characters added to the game, an additional Classic Mode, Spirits, several music tracks, and a new stage will also be added based on the Dragon Quest series.

The stage was shown very briefly, but it does look like it implements elements of Dragon Quest XI over the other Dragon Quest titles being represented.

Former president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime was made things clear on what the focus of the DLC was at The Game Awards back in December.

“These are going to be characters that are new to the series,” Fils-Aime said. “Just like Joker from Persona 5, characters you would not expect to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

With that tone set even before the first character was added to the roster, it isn’t as surprising that the group of heroes made it in. Now we just have to wait and see who the other two fighters will be, since Nintendo showed of Banjo-Kazooie at the end of their Direct and have stated that they want this wave of the Fighters Pass to be complete by Feb. 2020.

The Dragon Quest heroes will be coming to Smash in Summer 2020, while Dragon Quest XI will be releasing on Sept. 27.