New Story Details for Dragon Quest XI Switch Edition, Releases on Sept. 27


Did you want to play more Dragon Quest XI? Well, Square Enix has you covered for the game’s latest Switch release. The Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition is going to feature more stories, with each of the side characters getting the chance to take the main stage in their individual, unique stories.

These new details come from Square Enix’s latest update to the official website, as reported by GameInformer. In it, they show off several new screenshots, information, and they list out small teasers to the original stories players are going to embark on in the game.

The new stories are going to feature a new, unique villain for each story the characters are going to confront. It feels a little like how Octopath Traveler broke up their party members, giving each of them a story to go through with standout bosses following the ending of a chapter. While Octopath Traveler had all eight of their characters feeling like main characters, Dragon Quest XI still has a single main character.

Here’s a rundown on some of the story teasers Square Enix have kindly shared:

  • Rab, who charges at a bunny he runs into a mysterious world, ends up at an unexpected and nostalgic place
  • Sylvando visits Gondolia, where he comes across people getting harassed by thieves, so he takes action to turn things around
  • Erik gets imprisoned in the monsters’ hideout. He seems to be placing an escape with a Healslime named Homirin, but …?
  • A dark shadow appears in Heliodor Castle. Hendrick calls to the shadow and says, ” … is that you, Jasper?”
  • Jade, who visits Octagonia, is imprisoned in another world by Booga

Some of these stories are going to focus entirely on the character starring in them, and others are going to include the entire party. It’ll vary for each one, but players can expect something new from every tale they embark on in the game.

The Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition releases for the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 27.