Apex Legends teases dragons in Kings Canyon | E3 2019

At the very end of the Apex Legends portion of the EA Play press conference, a single shot during the wrap-up video showed a large eye surrounded by scales.

The dragon-looking design brings about the idea that potential boss monsters could be added to Kings Canyon to help change certain bits of the gameplay.

Specifically, like in Dota 2 and League of Legends, boss enemies could drop special items, provide some sort of boost to characters, or just add a new obstacle to the map that players have to strategize around during combat. Traversing Kings Canyon could become much more dangerous if there is a giant, fire-breathing lizard to deal with.

It could potentially fly around the map and make players avoid it like some kind of hazard, but it is more likely that any potential beast will be set up as a challenging boss that will give a reward for taking it down. Like the Roshan in Dota where a team will need to strategically work together and time their attack on the dragon perfectly while still dealing with other squads.

This addition of dragons has been rumored for months as small things in the current iteration of Apex have shown bits and pieces of the inclusion. A post on Reddit zoomed in on one of the icons on the mode select screen, and it has a few frames that show several dragons or wyverns in the sky.

None of these details have been confirmed but based on how other titles handle this type of creature, any of these options could be what happens when whatever was teased finally comes to the game.

Season 2 of the Apex Legends Battle Pass will be available on July 2.