PS4 Exclusive Dreams Will Allow Players To Create Their Own PSVR Game


DREAMS, an upcoming PSVR game from the developers Media Molecules was initially said to support limited VR support, however, times have changed as now the game will not only support full VR support, it will also allow the players to create and share their own VR creations in the game, according to Edge magazine.

PS4 Exclusive Dreams Will Allow Players To Create VR Games

When the game was announced last year, Sony confirmed that it would have limited VR support however, Edge magazine specifies that the game’s Create mode, which will allow players to build environments and turn them into lifelike experiences will be fully compatible with PSVR. So, now the game allows you to create VR experiences and also allows you play the creation of others.

Unlike the LEGO Universe which was a promising online construction game, which failed because of its unhealthy content created by the players, Media Molecule is fully prepared to counter the malpractices by players of its construction platform. It will not allow the players to create graphic violence or sexual content and will prevent them from being shared. The game’s algorithm, Sony’s tools and “willing community” will prevent it from happening.

The game has no release window yet and also no confirmation that it (Dreams) will release in 2017.