Driveclub VR Is Being Pulled For Licensing Reasons: Paul Rustchynsky


The original Driveclub was one of the first major next-gen driving games for the PS4. The amazing graphics stunned critics and gamers alike but the horrible launch of the game killed much of its momentum. Eventually, however, the game managed to find its fanbase and became a favorite racing title with a niche market on the PS4. Unfortunately, Sony recently announced that the servers for Driveclub would be shutting down on March 31, 2020. As a result, the generally favorable VR version will follow suit a little sooner than expected.

On August 31, 2019, Driveclub VR will be removed from the PlayStation Store. Although like the original version, Driveclub VR did receive a physical release so players can still experience the singleplayer content. While the game didn’t exactly set the industry on fire, it’s still sad to see a fanbase lose a beloved title. Sources say that the game is being pulled from Sony’s virtual store due to licensing reasons. Apparently, this is a standard procedure within the genre, and Driveclub just happened to reach the end of that deal. Former Driveclub developer; Paul Rustchynsky, confirmed this on twitter.

To be clear the game, like most racing games, it is being delisted for licensing reasons. It’s standard practice across the industry for ~5yr deals, so buy it before it’s gone forever.

Yes, the original game and its VR version featured single player content, but Driveclub specifically was geared towards social racing. Like all titles, however, if you purchase Driveclub VR before it’s removal from the store, you’ll still be able to download it from your library. For the time being, Driveclub and Driveclub VR are out now exclusively for the PS4.