John Cena could star in the upcoming Duke Nukem movie


Hail to the king, baby. Or would it be “you can’t see me” now? It’s hard to tell which slogan a Duke Nukem movie would use if WWE superstar John Cena starred in the lead role, but it’s something that needs to be worked out soon if Cena indeed fills Nukem’s boots. T

he Hollywood Reporter has the details on Paramount’s upcoming movie adaptation of the popular Duke Nukem franchise, and it looks like Cena may be throwing on a pair of shades and puffing on a cigar soon. 

Don’t fret just yet though, Duke fans. Cena’s actually been in quite a few movies, though none of them have really required the swagger and bravado that Duke necessitates. He’s appeared in Daddy’s Home, The Marine, the train wreck of a movie that was Trainwreck, and several other movies, so he does have some acting chops. I’m just not sure his good guy image could translate to Duke well, nor if he could be a suitable replacement for Jon St. John’s iconic Duke voice. 

The Duke Nukem movie (which you probably didn’t even realize was happening) is being produced by Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Platinum Dunes. That’s about all there is to know about the fledgling project so far, but that’s all pretty telling about what kind of movie to expect, after all.

There’s no writer just yet or a director, but that should be in the works going forward. Other than that, there’s not a lot to go by in terms of trying to figure out if it’ll be good or not. If Cena does take the role, hopefully he can at least bring the right kind of humor to the character. We’ll see.